Regularly, we at Rise Foundation e.V. are distributing hygiene kits to people without homes at our events. At every event we hand out 50 hygiene kits summing up to a total amount of 100 kits every month. It is a very particular concern of ours to assure basic needs for as many people living on Berlin’s streets as possible - and hygiene is one of those basic needs. To be able to realise this goal, we need your support.

Guaranteeing your own hygiene seems like an easily fulfilled aspect of life for people that don’t have to worry about their basic needs. However, for those who struggle to afford their everyday basic nutrition, hygiene needs are often left unfulfilled which therefore causes more unnecessary risks of illness and infection for people in need. With our hygiene kits, those risks can be reduced to a minimum and therefore have a direct impact on improving peoples' everyday life.

The hygiene kit for men come with soap, tissues, toothbrush, toothpaste, socks and gloves. The women’s kit is additionally providing tampons, sanitary towels and panty liners. For 8€, your donation sponsors one hygiene kit for one male and for 10€ one female person, and in that way supplies that person with enough hygiene products to last at least a couple of weeks. Their focus can, therefore, be moved to funding other important needs like food. With your donation, you follow your own money and your own impact on another person’s everyday life directly.


Ensure another daily basic need with your donation and fund a hygiene kit for someone in need.

Join us and donate now!