Access to nutrition and drinking water is a basic right that everyone should be assured with. For a person, without a home, it is often difficult to fulfil these basic needs. This is why Rise Foundation e.V. regularly supplies persons in these situations with warm meals. But we think this is not yet enough and that people in more favourable situations could do more to take care of the basic needs of people living on the streets. They should be provided with beverages throughout the whole year, in winter with hot coffee or tea and in summer with fresh drinking water.

This is why we will start our Kaffee für Alle!-Project this February! We will hand out printed coffee coins to people without homes and they can exchange these coffee coins for a drink at the Imbiss at the U-Bahn station Kottbusser Tor. But we need your help for that: with a donation of 10€, for example, you can fund ten free coffees for a homeless person. You become a person’s direct sponsor and know exactly where your money goes and what impact it has on another person’s everyday life.

Ensure with your donation that daily basic needs are met and fund a whole month of beverages for someone in need.

Join us and donate now!