1. What are different volunteering opportunities available with Rise Foundation?

We always need helping hands in our regular distribution and outreach events. We go out once in three weeks in Summer/Spring and once in two weeks in Autumn/Winter in the streets of Berlin. We find the people living on the streets and share food, clothes, hygiene items, and information about regular places to eat, sleep, get medical help, etc. More importantly, we want to spend time with the people living on the streets and try to understand their stories and their needs.

We cook all the food ourselves. You can participate in cooking/packaging of the food. You can also participate in distribution activity which is the most important part of our project. We always require more volunteers here.

2. Okay, so how do I get involved in volunteering?

Our events are published on our FB page. Please sign up there. But wait, this is not all.

Usually, we get a lot of people who want to volunteer but we always have limited spaces. So we have come up with a way of limiting the number. 4-5 days before the actual date of the event, we make a post in the event, where we ask volunteers to confirm their attendance. An example can be seen like this. It’s very important that you only put your name here if you can absolutely make it. 

3. Cool, so do I have to bring the food? How does it all work?

No, we buy all the groceries and cook in the morning. Then the food is packaged by volunteers. We also package sanitary items and clothes. Once the next batch of volunteers arrives, then we do a quick briefing. After those volunteers are given all the items to distribute and locations. 

4. Do I need to speak German?

It’s not mandatory to speak German. Every distribution group will have a German speaker.

5. Can I donate food and clothes? 

At the moment, we are funded by some donors and a few organizations. For hygiene reasons, we don’t accept food donations except for rice and black beans (not cooked). They are always welcome.

We don’t accept clothes donations throughout the year. During winter we will make a post asking for winter clothing donations. But this is limited to hoodies, jeans, sweater, and jackets. 

If you would like to make a donation for some amount, you can follow this link.